Relax, the boat is fine

Boat Aware monitors and predicts system failures

Simple to install, yet incredibly powerful, Boat Aware's sensor platform can monitor and control your boat's critical system from anywhere. Just turn it on and let your smartphone or tablet do the rest.

Boat Monitoring in a modern world
Get alerts, take action or just check in from a smart phone or tablet.

Smart boating made easy

Boat Aware's sensor platform combines modern Internet of Things (IoT) technology with Data Analytics. The result is a platform which goes beyond monitoring and alerting - enabling your boat to predict when something could go wrong. Boat Aware requires zero installation. Plug in your Remote Monitor to any 12 volt power source, download the mobile app, and stay connected with your boat no matter where you are.

REMO (Remote Monitoring)

Your Boat Aware experience starts with the base product, REMO. Plugs into a 12V/24V outlet- or directly into a 120V outlet. Out of the box you can track your boat's location and monitor 12V/24V battery health

Wireless Modules

Pick and chose the modules you need. Each module communicates with your REMO wirelessly to provide accurate, relevant data straight to your phone.


Boat Aware's sensor platform delivers a different perspective on monitoring. The data is analyzed and a forecast is provided - allowing you to predict when critical thresholds are reached before they happen.

Easy to install

You don't need to schedule an installation. Every module is designed to make it simple to install.


Send to email, text or smartphone (notifications) when your system isn't just right


We know security is important. We use the same technologies used by your bank to ensure your data is protected.


Additional sensors are added all the time to allow you stay connected and alert to even more systems on your boat.

Available Modules

Our wireless modules come ready for installation. They also come with a waterproof case and a battery which lasts a full year.


Is the float switch stuck? Is it running more than normal? Is the temperature too cold? This all encompassing sensor module allows you to completely understand your bilge.

Battery Health

Always arrive at your boat knowing it's ready to go. Monitor voltage and battery life for multiple batteries.

Geo fence

Know where your boat is and then set a perimeter to monitor anchor drag. The built-in GPS allows Boat Aware to get you an accurate location of your boat.

Motion Sensor

Get alerts and view the camera if there is movement onboard.


Our remote, wireless, waterproof temperature sensor makes it a breeze to check on the refrigerator or freezer. Or place it in your cabin to see if you'll need to turn on the A/C

Photo & Video

Our 3G enabled camera works where others won't. Take a photo or a short video clip. If you want more functionality, simply switch to WiFi and get live streaming of what's happening onboard.

Switch Control

Available 12V DC and 120V AC switch module allow you to turn on or off almost any device on your boat.

Shore Power

Know if your boat is connected to shore power.